Material Warrior
Material Warrior
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Autosave is automatically set to on each time the page is opened.

Resets everything except speedrun record & cookies.
Resets game as if you have never played before.

Save the code somewhere save!
About this game
This game uses:
Vanilla JS
Material Design Lite by Google
rot.js by Ondrej Zara
Twitter Emojis by Twitter
chance.js by Victor Quinn

Subreddit: /r/materialwarrior
GitHub Repo:
Game Version: 1.2 (view changelog)

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Keyboard Shortcuts
This game has keyboard shortcuts for battle actions:
Press Z to attack.
Press C to eat apple (you can't eat apple while attacking).
Levels & XP
Experiences can be gained by killing enemies. Each time you level up you will gain a new ability:

Speedrun Mode

Activating speedrun mode will soft reset the game (all progress will be lost except speedrun record and cookies). A timer will start automatically and stops after the game is finished. Turning off speedrun mode won't reset your progress, but you will have to soft reset the game if you want to activate speedrun mode again. Closing the game will turn off the speedrun mode.
The Forge
It seems that your hands must be stronger to be able to use the forge.
Training Center
Increases fists' damage
Increases max hp by one
The Shop
(5 gold)
(17 gold)
(50 gold)
(475 gold)

To equip a weapon, open the inventory tab and click the text "fists". Then choose a weapon from the dropdown menu.
MS Paint Shop
We only sell items made purely with MS Paint.
Don't forget to use the items you bought!

(50 gold)
(750 gold)
(100,000 gold)

HP: 0 / 0
Damage: 0

HP: 0 / 0
Damage: 0
? kills left to run away again
? gold
? left
A Package!
A House
Convenience Store
(50,000 gold)
(100,000 gold)
(10,000,000 gold)

The teleport machine will appear near your respawn area.
The museum has a lot of paintings and literatures inside, you can read some old scripts stored here.

Old Script
You read the script, it says:
The Temple
Here, we train beginners to be ready to do something, but you don't seem to know what that "something" is yet. When you know it, please come back here.
You could take a loan from the bank if you wanted to.

(1,000,000 gold)
(100,000,000 gold)

If you have an unpaid loan, you can't visit houses in this area until you pay your loan (you still can visit the shop, training center, etc.).