ID Date Update
107/11/20185 new Cache locations have been added for Cerebra.
207/11/20185 new Cache locations have been added for Altair.
307/11/20185 new Cache locations have been added for Narhurdal.
407/11/2018A new planet, Cerebra, has been located at -10000,10000.
507/11/2018A new planet, Altair, has been located at -10000,-10000.
607/11/2018A new planet, Narhurdal, has been located at 10000,-10000.
707/06/2018Players can now upgrade their VIP level using AntiM and DarkM.
807/05/2018Player Battle Cruiser images have been updated.
907/05/2018Player Age has been added to the Leaderboards page.
1007/05/2018A new option has been added to the Card Exchange under the Special card tab that allows players to exchange 1,000 random cards for 1 new Galactic Port located in a random location.
1107/05/2018Dark Matter has been added to the Currency Shop.
1207/05/2018A new Daily Task for locating 10 Supernovas has been added to the Explore tab of the Daily Task screen.
1307/02/2018A new Daily Task for gaining 1 billion Credits has been added to the Explore tab of the Daily Task screen.
1407/02/2018A maximum of 1,000,000,000 Credits can be gained from defeating normal Rebel and Rebel Scout fleets. Once 1 billion Credits have been obtained you will only gain enough Credits to replace any Drones lost.
1506/29/2018A Battle Reports icon has been added to the icon bar located at the bottom of the screen.
1606/29/2018A Purchase History option has been added to the Account menu that displays all purchases you have made in the Currency Shop.
1706/27/2018The cost to increase Battle Cruiser Health now scales based on how much Health is left, the lower HP gets the more it will cost and vice versa.
1806/24/2018New daily tasks have been added into the game that rewards players with 1-4 Hyper Crystals for completing them. Daily tasks are reset each night at 00:00 server time at which point they can be completed again.
1906/24/2018A new Daily Events tab has been added to the right side of the game screen that allows players to view any events that are currently going on. Clicking on the Events icon will open up a new box that displays information pertaining to ongoing events.
2006/24/2018A new feature has been added to the game that allows players to open Ancient Crypts and receive random rewards for viewing an advertisement. Players can receive Credits, Energy, Fighters, Hyper Crystals, or nothing at all. Each of the three Crypts can be opened once per day with it being reset at 00:00 server time.
2106/16/2018Ports will only collect interest on up to 1 Billion Credits, if you have more than this amount in ports then you should spread them out to take full advantage of the interest.
2206/15/2018A new Patch Notes page has been created, you can visit it via the More menu or by the menu when logged out. You do not have to be logged in to view it.
2306/13/2018A new option has been added to the Settings page found under the Main menu that allows players to set how long it takes to redirect back to the universe after certain events.
2406/09/2018Attacking planets and ports will now affect the new pvp rating system, each victory increases your rating by 1 and each loss decreases it by 1. You can keep up with the strongest PVP players via the PVP Leaderboards option found under the Main menu.
2506/09/2018Players can now exchange 5 Valerian Cards they don't want for 1 Chance Token by selecting the Valerian Cards option in the Account menu.
2606/03/2018Players can now collect their credits and energy for their planets via the Your Planets menu.
2706/01/2018A few more planets have been added to the game and the quick jump menu on the universe screen has been updated accordingly.
2806/01/2018The maximum amount credits you can store on your BC has been increased to 99,999,999,999,999,999
2905/30/2018The Cache wiki page has been updated.
3005/29/2018A Port of Death belonging to Thaine has appeared in the Valerian Universe, this port is heavily defended and stands a great threat to the safety of each galaxy and planet contained within it. The Ancients have provided one of their Deep Space Satellites that is able to track this port down.
3105/26/2018The combat system for Rebel fights in the Universe has been updated. Each new fight you encounter while exploring will require your Battle Cruiser to have at least 1 HP, if your Battle Cruiser does not have any HP left then you will not encounter any new fights until it has been raised.
3205/22/2018The daily Treasure Hunt event has been modified a tad to be easier to find, new location is within 75 galaxies of the given location instead of 100. Rewards for finding it were modified accordingly.
3305/21/2018Encountering a Massive Rebel Fleet (teleports you to a random location) event will now give you 1 Hyper Crystal.
3405/19/2018All Alliance Battle Cruiser sections can now be upgraded by 1 via the alliance battle cruiser page.
3505/19/2018The Inventory page has been redesigned and tabs have been added in.
3605/19/2018The Valerian Universe has been expanded to 30100 to account for the new caches in Freyeon.
3705/19/2018Cache information boxes have been color coded, green = completed, orange = can complete, red = can't complete.
3805/18/2018Fighters have been added to the Valerian Home Planet shops.
3905/18/2018Players will now receive bonus items from the Valerian Home Planet Shop (included in displayed amount) if they locate Caches in the galaxies surrounding it's location. The bonus gained is based off how many Caches you have found for that planet as well as which planet it is. You can gain up to 25% in bonus items.
4005/18/2018Planet Shop item limits have been modified, the deeper the Home Planet is in the Universe the more you will be able to buy at once.
4105/12/2018Cache locations for each Valerian Home Planet will now change to a new random location periodically
4205/12/2018A new Cache tab has been added to the Profile page found under the Account menu.
4305/11/2018The Battle Cruiser upgrade page has been modified, players can now upgrade ship parts by multiple levels.
4405/11/2018Pergonae and Freyeon have also been discovered, quick jumps for each have been added to the universe screen
4505/11/2018A lvl requirement has been added to the cache system, in order to locate a cache you must meet the minimum Cargo Bay level requirement.
4605/11/2018Most Drones held on a Battle Cruiser and Most Caches Located has been added to the Hall of Fame in the main menu.
4705/11/2018A new Valerian Home Planet has been discovered at 5000,5000 called Blerreon. This new discovery unlocks the ability to locate Blerreon Caches and gain rewards. General discussion indicates more planets are out there, yet to be discovered.
4805/11/2018A new Cache system has been added to the game for each Valerian Home Planet, you can find it by visiting any npc planet with each one having a different set of Caches to locate. Locating a Cache will reward you with Credits, Energy, Drones, Fighters, or ZPMs.
4905/11/2018The Exchange now requires completion of the first 3 Valerian Caches found in Valeria at 0,0 in order to use it. Any orders currently placed can still be filled by players who complete this task but players who haven't completed them will be unable to view or place orders until they are done.
5005/02/2018The Universe has been expanded to 30000,30000 bringing the Valerian Universe to over 900 million known galaxies.
5105/02/2018The max Battle Cruiser level has been increased from 20,000 to 50,000. Levels over 20,000 do not reward Dark Matter.
5205/01/2018GP, INFO, and K2X has been removed from the game and all pending withdrawals for these coins have been sent.
5304/30/2018Port credit balance has been increased from 10,000 to 100,000.
5404/30/2018Fighters has been added to the in-game player Exchange.
5504/28/2018The option to move your Planet or Port to a specific location has been added to the Your Port/Planet pages.
5604/28/2018A new Planet Combat System has been added to the game that allows players to attack other players planets as long as they are not allies.
5704/28/2018Nuclear Reactor and Space Pods now give +1 Droids and Cores.
5804/28/2018The Planet menu option will now be visible for most of the time while inside a planet such as the bank, factory, etc.
5904/28/2018A new Radar building has been added to the planet system for an upcoming update, it functions the same as Battle Cruiser radars and players with a lower level radar wont be able to view your defenses.
6004/27/2018The AntiM Shop has been removed, you can now use AntiM directly via the Currency Shop.
6104/26/2018A new weekly event has been added to the game called Treasure Hunt. This event resets each Sunday and will place an abandoned Ancient Fleet somewhere in the Universe for you to find.
6204/26/2018Zero Point Modules have been added to the game, you can obtain ZPM's via the Currency Shop.
6304/26/2018The ability to relocate Galactic Ports under your control to a random location using a ZPM has been added.
6404/26/2018Zero Point Modules have been added to the game, you can obtain ZPM's via the Currency Shop.
6504/24/2018The email confirmation system has been replaced with a new withdrawal pin verification system.
6604/18/2018The Battle Cruiser image displayed when exploring has been linked to go to your profile when clicked.
6704/18/2018Players will now a receive a new Galactic Mail whenever someone purchases their galaxy that tells them the location and the amount of coins they obtained from it's purchase.
6804/18/2018A new link has been added to the Account menu for viewing galaxies you've bought.
6903/15/2018The Universe Map has been updated, it will now display the location of Ancient Planets and Port locations.
7003/14/2018Hyper Crystal requirements have been added to the Galactic Port and player-owned Planet warp systems. It now charges 1 Hyper Crystal to warp to a destination outside of the 5000 range.
7102/11/2018The maximum planet level has been increased to 5,000. Levels over 2,000 will not provide DarkM.
7202/11/2018Planet upgrading speed has been increased, you should be able to level your buildings up faster now.
7302/06/2018Normal rebel fights are more randomized with the amount of drones and fighters you will encounter.
7402/06/2018The amount of drones you can build in ports is now based off of your VIP level. The higher your VIP level, the more you can build at once.
7502/05/2018Links contained within Galaxy description text will now hyper link to where that url leads.
7602/03/2018CannaBisia has been added to Valeria, it is a new stationary planet like Valeria that can be found at 20000,20000.
7702/01/2018The ability to add Galaxy Messages to each galaxy has been added. Galaxy descriptions can be purchased from you at any time by other players, in the event that this happens you will receive the price you paid for your ad back in the currency the next player uses to purchase it.
7801/27/2018Some new animations have been added to the universe page for Battle Cruisers, Galactic Ports, and player owned Planets.
7901/19/2018The bug encountered when using hotkeys to leave a battle has been fixed.
8001/19/2018A new setting has been added to the settings page. VIP3 users and above will now be able to auto build an additional 20% of their max drone storage limit when their drone count falls below 30% and they have enough Credits to cover the cost.
8101/19/2018A new option has been added to the logo settings found under Menu that changes where clicking the logo takes you.
8201/18/2018New anti-bot measures have been added while exploring that will display a warning message if you are trying to explore too fast without waiting for the page to load.
8301/17/2018Players now have a 1 in 10000 chance of running into the spaceship Disaster Area owned by Captain Disaster when exploring the Valerian Universe. He is constantly saving the universe from problems he inadvertently creates but he is very generous and if you come across him he will give you 1 GoldPieces.
8401/17/2018A new CD tab has been added to the Valerian Card Exchange. You will gain Star Fighters, Drones, Credits, and Energy whenever you exchange cards found under this tab.
8501/16/2018AntiM has been upgraded and a new Rich List has been added. In addition to this new Rich List, a new vault for AntiM has been opened. You can now stake your AntiM in game for 30.4 days at a time and gain a 1% increase.
8601/15/2018Katana KTX has been added to the game, you can now withdraw, deposit, and use KTX along with the other coins in game. Collect KTX from our faucet every hour, trade KTX for other currencies with players, and earn KTX from playing DKV2U.
8701/11/2018Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe has been listed at NewRPG, a game ranking website. Please vote for DKV2:U here,
8801/07/2018Scorecoin has been added to the game. You can now use SCORE in our exchange, faucets, shop, AntiM exchange, and more.
8901/06/2018Due to legal reasons the DKV2U Dice game in Valeria has been removed.
9001/05/2018The 20th mission has been added to Valeria at 0,0. Complete this mission by defeating Ancient Fleets while exploring the Universe.
9112/30/2017New fleets have been added to the game, players will now encounter Rebel Scout Fleets, Command Fleets, and Ancient Fleets.
9212/30/2017A new DKV2 Discord channel has been set up for anyone who wants to come chat occasionally or get help with stuff.
9312/28/2017The Valerian New Years is coming up soon, in celebration all currencies offered in the AntiM Exchange will give double the normal exchange rates on January 1, 2018.
9412/23/2017The Planet System upgrades have been completed. Players will now be able to select up to 10 levels to apply to a building at once. To upgrade your buildings simply click on the Upgrade dropdown list and select the amount of levels you wish to upgrade. Clicking on an amount of levels will immediately apply that many levels to your planet. If you click on it but do not wish to upgrade that building then you can click outside of the dropdown list area to close it or click on the Upgrade option it provides.
9512/22/2017The planet system is currently undergoing modifications for new features. Part of this involved removing a column from each of the tables. The Attributes column information can now be found by clicking the ? icon next to the buildings name.
9612/20/2017The Valerian New Year is fast around the corner, but first we must celebrate the victory of our Valerian ancestors in the defeat of the monsters that inhabited their home world. In celebration of this great day, all currencies offered in the AntiM Exchange will have double their normal exchange rate on December 25, 2017.
9712/07/2017In times of old the Unknown Benches would gather round the campfire and tell tales of weary travelers who stopped for a seat, only to never get up again. After the revolt and all Unknown Benches were destroyed people could sit comfortably again and celebrate that day with festive gifts. Since we don't like to let traditions die we shall continue with it today and have provided you with the Unknown Benche's Last Seat. Each player has gained 5 Booster Packs which can be traded for 5 random Valerian Cards each.
9812/05/2017A new Japanese thread for DKV2U has been created and can now be found below.
9912/03/2017A new Valerian Vault system has been added to the game under the Wallet menu option. Store your unused HYPER in the vault for a period of time to gain interest. There is a minimum vault deposit and the vaults have to mature for 30.42 days before it can be collected. Once a vault matures you can collect 4% interest on the amount vaulted. There is a 1% fee which is split between the game balance and the faucet balance upon opening a vault.
10012/01/2017The graphics for cards listed in the Card Exchange have been changed. In order to see these changes you must first clear your cache for the game and then refresh.
10111/28/2017Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe is currently in the process of undergoing a series of changes in order to optimize the game and help with server load as well as page load speed.
10211/28/2017VIP 3 and higher players can now build up to 1 million drones at a time by visiting any port they own and using the new Build Drones option.
10311/26/2017A new Hall of Fame option has been added to the Main menu located at the top of the game.
10411/25/2017A new Vacation Mode has been added to the game. Using the new Vacation Token will put your account into vacation mode for 7 days per token used. During any taken vacations you will be unable to play the game until your vacation ends or if you end it early.
10511/24/2017All items in the INFO shop will have an additional 10% off applied to any existing discounts until December 1, 2017. If you have a request for the next discounted coin please post your suggestions in the DKV forums located under the Menu option above.
10611/24/2017The Dark Tower has been modified, the last 5 tower levels have been disabled and a minor bug has been fixed on the backend.
10711/21/2017The DKV2:Universe intro video has been updated, check it out at and let me know what you think.
10811/20/2017The Thanksgiving Card is here, bringing with it bountiful amounts of Star Fighters. As you play the Cards of Chance mini game in Valeria (0,0) you have the chance to collect the new Card 158. This new card can be exchanged in the Card Exchange for up to 17,678,150 Star Fighters depending on how much progress has been made on your Battle Cruiser.
10911/20/2017A new Dark Tower has appeared in Valeria (0,0)! Fight your way through 10 dangerous fleets controlled by the Tower every day for valuable prizes. You can access this new update by going to 0,0 in the Universe and entering the Valerian Planet. Once inside click the new Dark Tower and begin your journey.
11011/18/2017The max bet for Valerian Dice in Valeria (0,0) has been increased to 100 million Credits up from 1 million Credits.
11111/18/2017The Ion Cube has been modified to provide an additional 10% increase in Aluminium found when it is activated, additionaly the Ion Cube in the currency shop so they are the same price as Chance Tokens.
11211/15/2017VIP users now receive a bonus to Aluminium gained from Rebel fights.
11311/15/2017The Battle Cruiser page has been updated and a new Credit Calculator has been added to show Credits needed between two levels.
11411/15/2017System clock has been moved to the top menu bar and the flashing issue upon page load for it has been fixed.
11511/15/2017A bug regarding the warp system has been fixed.
11611/11/2017The Galactic Port system has been updated. Star fighters can now be sent to ports and used in port offense and defense. Star Fighters can be built on any Planet under your control. They are 5x better at offense and defense than Drones are.
11711/04/2017The top menu size has been modified, you will have to clear your cache to experience this change.
11811/04/2017The left status box has been modified. Alliance Position can now be found by hovering over your Alliance name and your current Action can now be found by hovering over your Location.
11911/04/2017The in game mail system has been modified to be more user friendly and have a snazzy new look.
12011/04/2017The wallet now displays how much of each coin you have in the Exchange.
12111/03/2017All items in the DKV2:U Currency Shop will have an additional 10% off when using HYPER. The discount will end on November 11, 2017.
12211/01/2017A new option has been added to the IGN tab in the Card Exchange that allows players to exchange Card 103 for Ion Cubes.
12310/31/2017A new tab has been added to the Exchange page at the order history section on the bottom that allows users to view all of their open orders.
12410/30/2017Infocoin (INFO) has been added to Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe. Players can now use INFO as they would the other currencies in game in places such as the in-game Exchange, Currency Shop, and the Anti-Matter Exchange.
12510/28/2017A new bot has been added to the game called Ancients. This bot plays the game as players would but at a faster and more efficient pace. It still has to follow most of the limitations players face so it won't be an instant rise to power but it will constantly upgrade it's planets and Battle Cruiser with available resources.
12610/28/2017A new Ancients wiki has been added to the game to explain a bit about what the new bot is.
12710/28/2017A new planet building called Chemists Lab has been added, this building allows players to convert more Credits into Valerium with each upgrade on any of their planets.
12810/28/2017A new Planet menu will now appear when inside one of your planets, the new menu makes it easier to navigate your planets and manage it.
12910/28/2017The ability to transfer Aluminium, Valerium, and Star Fighters to and from planets has been added.
13010/28/2017A Ship Factory interface has been set up for planets, you can now build Drones and Star Fighters on your planets.
13110/28/2017The ability to build new Star Fighters using Aluminium, Valerium, Energy, and Credits has been added to each planet.
13210/28/2017The ability to build new Missile Batteries using Valerium, Energy, and Credits has been added to each planet.
13310/28/2017The Battle Cruiser upgrade system has been modified to include a new option to upgrade each level of your battle cruiser at once if enough funds are available to do so. If your Hyper Drive or Salvage Bay has reached max level then they will not be included and you won't be charged for them.
13410/26/2017A new Settings option has been added to the Menu option that allows players to change where the logo and game name on the left takes you when clicked. As of right now players can only switch between profile and universe but any page in game can be added to the list upon request.
13510/26/2017A new mass mail system for Alliances has been added for Alliance Commanders. There is a 0.1 AntiM fee per member per mass mail.
13610/26/2017Max level for player owned Battle Cruisers has been raised to 20,000.
13710/26/2017A new history option has been added to the Account menu, can view your faucet and exchange history.
13810/25/2017A new tab has been added to the Card Exchange that offers 3 more cards eligible for trades. This new section of the Card Exchange is brought to you by Indie Game News ( and brings with it the ability to trade 3 more cards for Aluminum, Asteroids, and Nano Chips.
13910/25/2017A new Halloween Card has been released and added to the Special tab of the Card Exchange. Players who obtain this new card (Card 126) will be able to exchange it for 3 Chance Tokens per card.
14010/25/2017A small update has been made to the alliance system. Alliance Commanders now have the ability to send everyone in their Alliance a mass mail by clicking on the Mail menu and selecting Alliance Mass Mail.
14110/25/2017The mail system has been modified to include replies in new mails to make it easier to operate.
14210/23/2017Honey Deposits and Withdrawals have been enabled again.
14310/23/2017The limit for storing Drones inside Galactic Ports and Universe Quadrants have been raised from 2.14B to 9.22Q.
14410/23/2017Referral bonuses increased to include 1 Energy per galaxy warped to by referrals.
14510/23/2017A Referral Wiki has been set up under the Main Wiki option.
14610/23/2017Planet Scrapyards have been boosted, they now provide 10x more Credits for Asteroids.
14710/23/2017Planet buildings can now be upgraded to level 2000. Resource requirements have been modified to follow an increased difficulty the higher your planet gets.
14810/23/2017Faucet page has been updated to include a Jackpot Winner's list that shows who rolled 10000 in one of our faucets.
14910/23/2017The Alliance Members page has been modified to show the last known online time for each member. This new tool should help Alliance Commanders manage their Alliances better and know who to kick if room is needed.
15010/23/2017The Energy and Drones Wiki pages have been updated to a newer version that contains more information and an easy to use directory. As of this time only those two Wiki pages have been updated, the other pages will be updated over time or added on to.
15110/23/2017The upgrade requirements for player owned Battle Cruisers have been modified. The cost of upgrades will now increase as the level of your Battle Cruiser increases. These new settings will see a sharp incline in prices for newer players but will slow down and steady out as they level up their Battle Cruiser.
15210/23/2017A bug that allowed players to upgrade parts of their ship above the level of their Cargo Bay has been fixed. This task was very difficult as it put up a good fight but in the end I won and it is now vanquished. Remember, if you find any of these Alien Testicles in game please let me know immediately, we shall smash it together.
15310/23/2017The Alliance Homepage has been redesigned to make it easier to use and provide more options. Alliance members can view information regarding their alliance as well as be provided with quick links to the most used functions. Each rank has their own set of actions they can do.
15410/23/2017A highly requested feature has now been added! Alliances now have the ability to set other Alliances to Ally, Neutral, or Enemy.
15510/23/2017The Nearby Ports page found under the Account menu has been updated to include the Port owners Alliance. The amount of Credits and Drones stored inside a port have been removed. The color of the Alliance shown in this list will be based off of your Alliance's relations with them. Allies are green, enemies are red, and neutral Alliances will be whatever the normal color is.
15610/23/2017With the other new Alliance features also comes the ability to send your Allies Credits, Energy, and/or Drones from your own alliance. Doing so will notify both Alliance Commanders with a mail containing details of the transfer. Only Allies can send these things to each other, if the sending side is allied but the other side is not then the resources will still go through.
15710/23/2017The Top Alliances page has been updated to allow players to click on an Alliances name to be taken to their home page. Alliance Commanders can use this to efficiently monitor other alliances or to make new alliances or enemies if they so desire.